Why laser – why KMLT?

The firm KIRCHNER UND MÜLLER LASERTECHNIK GMBH has developed since its foundation as a GbR (partnership) in 1991 into one of the leading laser sub-contractors in Germany. On the basis of the wide spectrum of laser system available almost all materials can be precisely machined. In order to assess the results modern high resolution systems are employed.

Since 2001 a further firm has belonged to KMLT®. DREMICUT GMBH is a producer of laser cut precision stencils for SMD-solder paste printing, of wafer- and LTCC-stencils and metal stencils for other technological demanding print applications. A further manufacturing area is the laser micro cutting of high precision 2D/3D parts, which are used in such areas such as medical technology or in exclusive mechanical watches.

Production occurs under constant climatic conditions on high precision laser systems. Only with such criteria can the highest finishing precision be constantly and to a roughness of less than 3μm be achieved.

In addition to the technical prerequisites the many years of experience, excellent expertise, high quality standards and an enormous flexibility make it possible to deliver to particularly demanding industry branches, for example, the microelectronic, medicine technological- and watch-industries and also to the producers of well-known exclusive luxury goods.

Material processing, in particular the laser marking, has many advantages:

  • individual and variable
  • high precision
  • quick and flexible
  • to a good extent fraud secure
  • hardly removable without leaving traces
  • permanent and abrasion resistant
  • robust against aggressive median
  • ageless, no mechanical wear
  • environmentally friendly, without any additives
  • cost effective and economical
  • interesting from solder size 1