Stencils for quick clamping systems

Quick clamping systems are gradually overtaking the use of stencils in print frames. Their flexibility, minimal space requirements and finally the cost savings are the main arguments for this change.

Quick clamping system ZelFlex - Foto: LPKF

Most quick clamping systems require specially cut and holed edge forms. For every one of these systems an appropriate stencil can be delivered.
Some of DREMICUT`s self developed alternative perforations which are available for you without licence costs, along with the use of some standard dimensions, make them easier to use and less sensitive than the licenced original, for example, Micromount.

In order to reduce cut injuries, stencils of up to 150μm are provided with edge protection.

Ready-made stencil plates are also used, for example for the ZelFlex Protect system from LPKF as well as for VectorGuard® from DEK.

Should you be searching for a new and personalised frame system, you should always keep track of any possible follow up costs. For this purpose, you will receive expert and independent advice from our product engineers, as well as, advice on the layout, pad arrangement, and the choice of the appropriate stencil thickness.