Precision stencils

One of the focus points of DREMICUT is the production of high precision metal stencils with modern laser equipment.

In particular the use of laser cut stencils for solder paste coating for the industrial fabrication of electronic components has become the established practice.

SMD stencil for solder paste printing - DREMICUT GMBH
SMD stencil

Professional stencil production requires tolerances that are in the single figure µm range. In order to achieve this, production is done under fully acclimatised conditions. High precision machines are necessary for micrometer accurate and reproducible results.

The following criteria belong to the scope and delivery range with relation to precision stencils:

  • Laser micro-cutting of SMD metal stencils from special stencil plates (various stainless steels ... nickel) up to a thickness of 600μm
  • XXL-stencils, special framed, up to 1,800mm length
  • Metal stencil for the application of glue
  • Step stencils
  • Assembly and assembly control stencils
  • Stencil for wafer bumping
  • Special stencils for LTCC, BGA, Fine pitch applications
  • Print stencil for the solar branch
  • Special stencils with material thicknesses above 10µm
  • Masks for OLED technology 
    and much more

  • Licence free perforation for all common clamping systems
  • Mechanical brushing for optimal doctor blade procedures
  • Electro-polishing
  • Nano-depositions
  • Edge protection and protection from cut injuries
  • Clamping systems – clip on frame of different ZelFlex types or from VectorGuard®
  • Repair and maintenance of ZelFlex clamping systems
  • Frames from aluminium or stainless steel cross-sections
  • Complete frame packaging, tensioned cover with gauze, and gluing of the stencil
  • Application of sieve filler and stencil paint

  • Issuing of a quality report (Scan-check protocol or measurement protocol)
  • Creation of datafor 3Dpaste inspection
  • Express service with daily delivery