The distribution behaviour of solder paste is improved and optimised by the use of a nano-deposition in addition to an electro-polish.

Nano-deposition - DREMICUT GMBH
Nano coating: left side with nano-deposition - right side without

Without delay after the laser manufacture you can let your stencil undergo a deposition.

In contrast to the competition this can be done at a sensational price-benefit ratio!

Solder residues stick less firmly to or not at all to the pads due to this additional deposition. Consequently, the stencils are even simpler and quicker to clean. This has been confirmed by a number of users, after extensive tests with coated stencils in the production line.

A nano-deposition can be deposited on stainless steel as well as nickel stencils. Usually is a one coating sufficient for several tens of thousands of printing processes. A repeat treatment is at all times possible.

Electropolising + nanodeposition!

DREMICUT produces the currently best market optimum for your stencil print process!