Laser marking - materials

Many years of experience, extensive expertise and a choice of appropriate laser sources are a guarantee for qualitative high value laser work.

The following is a small assortment of possible materials and applications:

Multi-layered plastic

Signs of all types

Through the use a laser engraving, one or more perfectly overlapping layers can be eroded.

Plastic with additives

Permanent, abrasion resistant, safe identification marks

Through the use of laser additives, which are added in defined amounts to the starting material, and according to laser type and parameter settings different contrasts and colours are possible.

Plastic without additives

Lucid contrast alaso without additives

Even without the use of special laser additives it is possible to distinctly mark plastic with a special laser source. Especially plastics for use in the medical, pharmaceutical or food industry.

Painted plastic


Homogeneous colour layers necessary for optimal marking results. Perfectly overlapping multi-layers of various paint colours are erodible. The main uses of this technology are applied in the car industry.

Laser markable labels

Laser Label

Thin films are laser marked and cut. The main uses for this method are the production of labels.

Composite foils

Deposited foils

This laser is used for the removal of evaporated (metal) layer surfaces from extremely thin foils that are only several μm thick. An example for this use is the production of safety labels.

Stainless steel


Stainless steel can be darkly coloured by laser processing (initial marking), as an alternative to bright surface processing or as a typical use in the clock industry during laser engraving.



Advice labels, type labels, identification labels, inventory labels are mostly produced from anodized aluminium.

Deposited metal

Painted, galvanically refined or deposited

According to the desired results the paint can be carefully removed; the polished metal substrate remains unscathed.

Precious metals

Silver, gold, platinum…

Jewelry design

The laser is, due to its enormous flexibility for a number of precious metals, the ideal processing tool.


Perfection in glass

On the left a laser marking from the producer – right a perfect, sharp contoured marking (internal) from KMLT®.

Mirror glass

Design elements

Mirrored, deposited glass is so carefully machined with the laser that the transparent look is retained. Depositions are evaporated without any residues.


Sauna technology

Different woods are contrastingly marked. Several laser sources are used depending on the wood type and desired application.

Textile material

Fashion design

Individuality is required. Brand marks, pictures, and logos can be produced on denim.



Stones and minerals are no problem for the laser. The “laser beam” tool works without any wear.