Laser markable foils – laser labels

For the label production starting materials of branded products are used.

Extensive product information can be obtained from tesa or the relevant supplier. However, you should always test whether the material is appropriate. The optimal adhesion requires a fat free surface and is achieved after the glue has hardened. In general, as processors of the foils, we do not guarantee that the relevant information supplied by the producer about the product is definitive.

Ask about the availability of your desired materials. On request you can also obtain blank material sold by the metre.

tesa laser label

A label for a professional, permanent identification of your product!

Tesa laser labels form the main bulk of the KMLT produced labels. Approx. 3.5 million labels are alone delivered just for car air-conditioning compressors.

The starting material for the labels is a high quality, tamper proof, laser markable acrylate foil, which if professionally attached cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Laser marking films from tesa are available in following types:

  • tesa 6930:
    black/white, white/black, silver/black
  • tesa 6940:
    blue/white, red/white, yellow/black

For large order quantities (above 500,000) it is possible to deliver pre-cut and trimmed labels of any size.

Similarly, modified special materials / special labels with additional individual security features are possible.

3M ScotchMark

Laser markable foils from the 3M Scotch mark are the second most processed foils at KMLT.

In contrast to tesa these are less brittle, however, they are offered with only two colour combinations.

3M laser labels are available in the following combinations:

  • 3M 7847: glossy black/white
  • 3M 7847: mat black/white
  • 3M 7847: silver/black

The combination silver/black is only deliverable for larger order quantities.

Schreiner Pro-Tech

Laser markable foils from Schreiner Pro-Tech are composed of an adhesion layer, a base colour, a cover colour and a transparent covering foil.

Such foils, if desired, can be produced in various combinations and constructions (also multicoloured and with extra security features), for large orders and upon request.

Schreiner foils in silver/blue for label production are standard stock material.

Various thin foils can be marked with the laser and cut into form.

In addition to the aforementioned producers there is also a number of further producers who are, however, not in the standard program.

If you would like to use a special foil such as a security foil, then you can supply this for the application. Due to the large number of laser sources almost all foils can be marked, and a large number of those made ready for use.