Laser marking

The laser is a perfect tool for the machining and marking of nearly all materials. With this method materials are gently and permanently marked without any mechanical strain.
According to the demands stripe, laser marking makes the achievement of widths starting from approx. 15μm possible.

The layout is carried out according to the diagram or upon acceptance of your CAD data. Depending on the demands, fine stripe widths of less than a few μm are possible.

Why on the whole are laser processes slightly more expensive than the print methods?

Conventional marking methods such as sieve printing, tampon printing, ink jet printing etc. are not comparable with laser technology. By these methods something is only printed on the surface. The laser beam, however, generates an identification mark which is permanently bound to the material.

Examine such printed parts after much use or after several years, for example, on your PC keyboard; the markings on a laser marked keyboard are permanent. Moreover, hand sweat has no influence!


There are almost no limits to the choice of materials. The parameters for new materials are first ascertained through many tests.



No tool is as flexible as a laser. There is hardly an area where laser use is not to be found.