Laser welding - Laser micro welding

The laser is the predestined tool for welding of nearly all common metals and metal alloys.

By using such methods, for example, stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, platinum, titanium and shape memory alloys such Ni-titanium alloys can be spot or seam welded together or to some extent in combination, even where access is difficult.

Moreover, a best precision in the micrometer range is achievable even for the smallest components.

This method is also suitable for materials which are difficult or impossible to connect by conventional joining methods. If necessary, additional materials are used.

Laser welding is the optimum solution in particular for thermally sensitive components. Through the use of individually optimizable production parameters and a precisely controllable power supply the thermal stress of the joining partners is greatly minimized and any undesirable structural transformation avoided.


Unlike other joining methods laser-welded materials have the advantage of an extremely high stability, a very high temperature resistance and, due to their non-porous surface they are even pressure-tight.

Reworking is reduced to simple methods or is totally unnecessary.