Ready-made stencils in frames

As an alternative to quick clamp systems the stencil can be permanently fixed in a metal frame.



Stencil mounted in a metal frame - DREMICUT GMBH
SMD stencil with glue perforation, fixed in a Al-frame

On the whole, it can be fixed in an aluminium frame usually with a stainless steel gauze with 80mesh or 165mesh. Alternatively, a polyester gauze can be used.

In order to ensure a permanent robust bond and/or a permanent constant tension for a clean printing process, it is advisable to furnish the stencil plate with an extra glue perforation.

In order to have perfect handling during the printing process it is advisable to deposit a sieve filler and stencil paint or alternatively use a covering band.


For the new offered XXL-stencils special frames in stainless steel are used. As a result, that the wire tension and therefore a perfect printing performance are always complied with this large size up to 1.80 m in length.

Used frames can be prepared and provided for a reasonable price.