In particular for challenging products for the microelectronic or medicine technology industries it is often necessary to further improve the surface quality after laser processing. For this electro-polishing or electro-chemical deburring is the answer.

Electro-polishing is relevant for precision printing: for example on stencils for wafer-bumping, for high-density-stencils or for SMD-forms 0201 or alternatively 01005.

By using this method the roughness of laser micro cutting can be reduced under optimal conditions to 1μm and below. Consequently, the highest demands on the surface quality are possible.

In addition to the purely optical effect the smallest burrs and contamination are reliably removed.

Why electro-polishing?


By applying this procedure the following is possible:

  • extreme flat, metallic clean, burr free surfaces
  • tension free surfaces
  • removal of surface micro-cracks
  • removal of impurities, particles, deposits, cutting residues
  • highly decorative, shinny surfaces
  • chemical passivation of the surface

Electro-polished surfaces are:

  • easier, less often and only after large intervals necessary to clean
  • to a large degree corrosion resistant
  • extensively free of particles
  • to a large extent sterile, can be sterilised
  • highly resistant to product sticking